Monday, January 30, 2012

World History: Making A Difference

While studying significant people who have made a difference in history, I asked my World History class to write about the prompt: Why is it important to make a difference? Why should one person care or try? We also viewed a clip from C-SPAN on Youth Civic Engagement and Social Media. These were some of their responses.

It's important to because you want to help and make things easier for others. KG

I can help people by doing small jobs for them. It is important because it can make a difference in their day or even their life. LS

To motivate other people to join together to make a big difference.

You can make a difference by helping or supporting someone who needs it. You can make a difference by creating something that helps people in some way or by creating something that makes the most difficult of tasks faster to complete. You can make a difference by standing up and holding out your hand to anyone person to assist them. All you need to do to make a difference is to be able to support what you want to do, what difference you want to create, what difference you find important. It is important to try because whether you succeed or not at the difference you try to make, it matters that you tried to make a difference; that you wanted to make a difference. That you are one of the people who care about whom or whatever you tried to make a difference for. ST

Everyone in some way makes a difference. Something little can always lead to something bigger. TO

One person can make a difference and some people will follow. KV

Any help is good, and people that need help will take any help they can get. Helping people is really good, and everyone should join in it. We can make a difference. MM

It might encourage more people to follow. CS

Anyone can make a difference if they try hard enough for something. One person can make a group of people to make a difference. If you want something changed bad enough, you will make an effort to change it. CE

I can volunteer to do small favors for people, like help clean or do some work. It's good because you should "share the love". BB

I can volunteer to help people to get a job done quicker, like cleaning up a place or painting. It's good for someone to try to do something to help because it can make a difference in someone's life. If someone donates money to a charity or other program it can change someone's life, like giving them clothes, food, water, or anything else they need. Or anyone could donated anything, do little jobs for people. JT

Every person makes a little bit of difference. One event leads to bigger events. TW

I can make a difference in my community by helping them & hoping old people. I would want to help because it's good to help people. LW

I can do things in my community, but I could also get together with other people to do it on a bigger scale. I should try because when a lot of people do little things, it makes a difference. YOU HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE. KM

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