Friday, April 27, 2012

Minecraft in the Classroom

Here it is! Our first attempt at a Minecraft project. I was blown away by the amount of work that these kids put into this project. Before school, after school, during study hall, during class, on the weekends, getting a pass out of another class (when they could) - all because they were excited about this project. They worked together on the speech, recording, learning new ways of screencasting, taught others their new tricks, brought new ideas to other classroom teachers, and took more pride than I have ever seen in any other project. I'm excited to share with you, their work over how technology and people change the land and environment and the lasting impact of those changes on people and geography. Kevin, Gunther, Kaleigh, Skylar, and Michael - I am so beyond proud of how hard you all worked on this. I hope it is the beginning of many more amazing efforts.

The Task:
Topic/Theme: Agricultural Revolutions (They chose "Chinese Agricultural Revolution)

With your group you will prepare a presentation, with visual aides, addressing the
1. How did humans change the land?
2. How did this change improve their life?
3. What affect has this change in environment had on humans, animals, etc?
4. What new “technologies” were introduced at this time?
5. How did (or how might) the new developments change society over time?


  1. I'm a teacher at Da Vinci Innovation Academy in Hawthorne, CA and I began using Minecraft in my project-based classroom this year. I started using it to teach Electrical Engineering, but soon it spread to other classes and classrooms. Check out my blog about what we're doing!

  2. This is FANTASTIC! What amazing work! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. Thanks, this is one of the things I'm most proud of from that class. They spent hours and hours outside of class building this and working on their presentation.

  4. Awesome! Great job by all! I hope you don't mind, but I am mentioning this in my show, EdGamer.

    1. Thanks! This was one of the turning points in my "teacher life". It changed me as an educator. I love that you're going to mention it, please share the link with me?