Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Landform Polls

My 7th graders have been creating polls about landforms that they have been studying. Please take a few minutes to answer as many of these as possible - I'd love for all the kids to have some results!

Poll 1            Poll 9                Poll 17             Poll 25
Poll 2            Poll 10              Poll 18             Poll 26
Poll 3            Poll 11              Poll 19
Poll 4            Poll 12              Poll 20
Poll 5            Poll 13              Poll 21
Poll 6            Poll 14              Poll 22
Poll 7            Poll 15              Poll 23
Poll 8            Poll 16              Poll 24


  1. Poll 23 asks "what activities you would prefer (sp) hunting or fishing"

    Then for a response it asks for a yes or no. I am not sure how to respond, but I prefer hunting.

    (It would be interesting to add response options for choices. For instance, I like hunting better because I love the taste of wild game over that of fish.)