Friday, July 19, 2013

Rylee & Aaden try Videolicious

Here is Rylee's Blog that she wrote today about using Videolicious. The other day I asked her if she would help me do awesome things. Without actually knowing what I meant by that, she agreed. One of the things she was excited to try was making videos. Since I don't have iMovie on my new iPad yet, we   tried out a new app (to me). We struggled to get all her information into one minute, but it was a good learning experience for both of us. She blogged about her experience (briefly) afterward.

She is a perfectionist, so she got upset that we had to keep doing it over and over in order to get her information (from her bottle lamb record book from the county fair) to fit with the slides. She didn't feel comfortable doing it from memory, so I helped her type up a script. She still ended up frustrated with the time limits, though.

However, after her 5 year old brother did it in just a few tries she was up for trying one last time. Aaden also worked with me to type a script and record his, and was really excited to watch it when he was finished. Here's his final product, view Rylee's on her blog (linked above)!

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  1. Aaden, I enjoyed seeing pictures of your lamb, Salt. Good luck showing her this year. Since it's your first year showing lambs, I will send you extra, extra, extra big wishes for good luck! Since Salt likes to jump, maybe some time you will make a video of her jumping for us!