Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Twitter and CoPi and Wikis - oh my!

So many thoughts running through my head at this point.

I just spent 2 days in Des Moines developing a Community of Practice that will create an e-Curriculum on global citizenship for the state of Iowa (read as: linked to the Core). Follow the process, thoughts, and relevant articles on Twitter - #IACoPi #ssia (Social Studies section). Read more about our work on our wiki

Speaking of Twitter, I have officially become addicted. I started using it yesterday morning, and have sent out 50-something tweets and gathered about 50 followers. This, of course, is thanks in large part to our CoPi project, but that's okay. I met a lot of amazing people who are really interested in getting into the dirty work of putting all of this together. In the process of becoming addicted to Twitter, I have also created a hash tag for the Iowa Council for the Social Studies that you can follow at #IAcss - I hope to begin using this in not only my professional practice, but my classroom as well - how will this "back channel" help students discuss and learn? That's what I hope to find out!

Wikis - In addition to the CoPi wiki that we worked on over our 2-day project launch, I have also been working in a Collaborative Learning Community to create a wiki that provides PowerPoint tutorials. The four of us came up with some great tutorials that really enhance the presentation experience. This includes tutorials on embedding YouTube videos, using the highlighter/pen function, changing the language of the presentation, etc. You can check out the wiki at - For those of you just introducing PowerPoints to your students or who are looking to take student (or personal) PPTs to the next level, I suggest looking into these tutorials!

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