Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hello Innovation, Good-bye Summer vacation!

I just got the go-ahead from my supt. to begin working on a theme-based/PBL-based World History class that uses *drum roll please* standards based grading! What? In a high school class? How do you plan to pull that one off? Well, it can't be pure Marzano standards-based grading in that I have to give a quarter grade. Even if a kid REALLY improves from Quarter 1 to Quarter 3 on standard 2, I don't know that the counselor or colleges would be very happy if I started messing with transcripts. This will definitely have to be modified from it's true form, but in my humble opinion, it's a step in the right direction.

I'm really looking forward to implementing some new teaching strategies and working with other teachers and districts this summer to build something that is effective, innovative, and meaningful. My work with #IACoPi will be critical to the success to this project. I hope to continue to share my journey on this project via this blog because a) I will 100% be using technology and b) I don't want to start a separate blog. :)

For those with suggestions on PBL, theme-based history, blended learning, and/or standards-based grading please feel free to comment, email (, or tweet me (@LPralleKeehn)!

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