Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We've reached the end

The last days of school have been crazy and wonderful! I just wanted to outline my courses with some end of the year thoughts!

8th grade Social Studies ended pretty calmly. This is one class that I will be revamping over the summer.

Our Bullying PSA turned out really great, I thought, in Street Law

We got through 3 more chapters of Friedman in Econ before the end of the year and for next year I hope to outline it better so that we can accomplish more. I thought the book was pretty meaningful in terms of conversations about our modern society and I love hearing the kids ideas!

The World History kids were troopers as we worked through the ups and downs of my attempt at SBG.  Next year, as we move forward with the Big History Project as a large part of our World History curriculum this will again take some work over the summer. Fortunately it will be fully supported by BGC3 and their fabulous staff!

The Sports History newscast was funny, I wish we'd had more time for editing!

The US History kids' newscast is excellent. Some were more dynamic personalities than others, but all of the kids worked really hard. Their video is uploading to YouTube as we speak (35 minutes!) and I'm hoping to have it available to share later today.

The 6th graders are ending the year with some mapping skills in terms of US geography. They've been working in self-paced centers, and that's something that I'm hoping to continue next year for them in 7th grade social studies. Here are the ideas that I've put together so far! I am BEYOND excited about this class for next year! I've also issued an open call for video collaborators on a project I want to begin the year with for 7th grade geography.

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