Saturday, August 17, 2013

Caine's Arcade: Imagination + Exposure = Endless Possibilities

The other night I was watching TV and came across this amazing story on NBC Nightly News. 

Meet Caine, a little boy from East L.A. Caine spent the summer in his father's auto parts store, and used tape and old cardboard to create his own arcade. A filmmaker came into the store to buy a part, and was so inspired by Caine's creativity that he turned Caine's work into a movie, shared it online, and over the last year Caine's arcade has become a global movement. Caine was invited to be a guest lecturer at USC, has been featured in numerous publications, and inspired a global initiative to foster creativity in children through the "Cardboard Challenge". Caine now has over $250,000 in his college fund stemming from donations by people he inspired. If you needed yet another example of the power of sharing your students' work and allowing them to be makers and creators, here it is!

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