Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I want my kids to...

Go there!

             Have that teacher!

                                  Do that!

Do people say this about your district? Your classroom? Your work?

Do you say this about where your children go to school? The work that they do?

Too often I think the answer is "No" or "Not often enough".

What if your students' did this?

Or if your kids' learning experience was like this?

What do you want your kids to do? How will you make a learning space where kids are excited to pop out of bed in the morning (which is exactly what my son did this morning for his first day of Kindergarten)? Or as the new year starts and kids are excited to come back to school - how will you maintain that enthusiasm and not give them more of the same? How many of your students will be sad to leave in May/June?

Start somewhere. Pick one unit. One lesson. Make it something that people say, "I want my kids to do that!" or even "*I* want to do that!"


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