Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tech Fears and Concerns

I asked my staff to write down their biggest fears and concerns today in terms of using technology in the classroom so we could recognize, discuss, address, problem solve, etc. How would you address any or all of these? We'd love some feedback/comments!

*Server Speed, outdated computers and software
*Making it beneficial to student learning
*That I am so far behind the times that it will actually double my prep time
*My classes are hands on and performance based, it makes it hard to incorporate technology
*Monitoring student use to make sure they are on task and not wasting time on other non-educational material
*Getting a lesson to work on a website, finding the right application to use
*Knowing what programs work the best, are easy/user friendly
*Using it to replace knowledge & mechanical skills
*Teachers not educated enough to meet the needs and level of competencies students have in technology
*Lack of technology access or speed of access
*That I won't find something that sparks my interest to sustain in the long term. It needs to be easy to use
*Being forced to put it into lesson plans
*I know there is a LOT out there, but what will benefit my students' learning?
*Not being able to answer someone's questions, puzzles I can't solve, availability to everyone
*Updated information and training
*That when I am trying to do something I'm going to hit the wrong button and have NO IDEA how to fix it, and then have to bother someone to help me
*Not knowing what is out there, keeping up with the students, and fear of messing up in front of the students
*new, time consuming, how to find balance
*Not knowing the technology well enough to introduce new and exciting technology to the students
*I will never have enough training to keep up with current trends. Too hard to adjust.
*I "get it" when shown something, but then when I'm on my own I freeze. COST

Help us address our fears and concerns!

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